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Reviews for "Sleepless Assassin"


An extremely good game that is ver fun to play. Only suggestion is that if you can somehow add a level creator you will start getting 15/10. But great job


Allright you die so many times trying to get out of the 1st level because the spicks are one hit kill and you come back to the start of the level. I was'nt going to try hard just for the same thing to happen later no way. If you make that the spicks only take around 1/3 or an half of your life then that make this game preaty sweet.

hard but awesome!

ive had a lot more deaths then i have had kills
feels like assasins creed.

beautiful coding

ur coding makes me feel stupid lol

good but it had flaws

it was petty good but it did have its flaws like how the controls needed to get used to bt it was great anywas