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Reviews for "Sleepless Assassin"

game review

dis is great!but why not make...The king come help her escape or something like that or a Hero she dosent know.oh wait the rank:10/10 5/5

pretty nice

it really reminds me of n is for ninja (which is a good thing!), but the camera really drove me insane. i understand the need to zoom out to see, but could you at least allow the player to not have to make drops of faith that there really was no way to see earlier

there also was some weirdness with the electricity in one level of much electricity. after you got past a certain point, the electricity didn't hurt you but still showed

overall, nicely constructed game though the idea of a story here just seemed like an afterthought


well you have to make some improvements to your work
like better story, it makes boring after a while and the matter
of colecting coins is not entretaining but...
with all that you make a great game
de movements of the character were just great
the backgrounds were very nice, so when i see this work i
really think that people like you have all to make an awesome game
so be more creative in your works so you will get further
keep the good work!
9/10 4/5


Good concept but boring and unentertaining

not bad

this game dint suck it was fun