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Reviews for "Two-Hour Time Trial IV"

Just like Me!

you just pretty much displayed what i see when i close my eyes

Loved it

I thought it was awesome 10/10!

Not to be offensive...

But wasn't the collab current moods? Not drawing the most abstract and insane thing to symbolize your damned emotions. You see, I joined newgrounds to laugh and see funny shit not want to know your pretty feelings.<-I don't want to think or try to intepret what the hell a horse with tits is jacking off, but the imma firing my lazer was the funniest shit ever, i didn't kniw you could feel imma firing mah lazer. until now. Since I don't a flying dog's dick, 10/10, 5/5.


These Collabs are pretty nice. They make me feel better about myself! Keep it up guys.


So emotional. It was fantastic.

Rudy responds:

ahah thanks !