Reviews for "Balancer"

greatest game ever.

everyone try to beat my ultimate score on hard. All time 1st place about 11,500

Highly Addictive

Started playing didn't like it att first then once I got use to the controls finally :p I ended up getting todays 2nd high score on easy and some other high scores as meow, simple graphics yet a great addictive game to match! Can't wait for a possible updated version! :p

stronglink07 responds:


awesome game

I actually got 2nd place all time on hard... wow. highly addictive, though it couold use more features

Rather addictive

Yeah, this is a good game. I just got the highest score of 70,009 (JET is my initials) on it. It seems a bit simplistic though, so it could use improvement.


Very interesting Ideer...