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Reviews for "You Don't Love ME Anymore"

lol Yoshi shouldnt be that sad...

specially since birdo is really a transvestite... lol
I think this was pretty good, a bit more variety in yoshi's sprites would of been nice, but oh well, not a big deal to me lol. Loved the crossover, and honestly, this is a song by Wierd Al I've never heard, so grats on that XD

OrangePylon responds:

Well with, what, 80 songs? There must be some you haven't heard. ;) I download a few new ones every now and then to hold me off for a while before I crave a new CD... and hey, I get a few new music video ideas in the process. :D

Thanks for the review. :P

serves her right

this pwned, i never really liked birdo though...

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks a lot. :P I've always liked yet hated her at the same time... like she looks cool, but I hate her character... :/ Same with Yoshi. But anyway, thanks for the review! :)

it saddens my heart`

I like the video....it's slightly depressing cause it brings back some bad memories.
Weird Al is awesome!!!!!! I love how awesomely you put it together with this song.
I feel sorry for Yoshi, seeing as he got his heart broken by a boy =/
I enjoyed every part of this video and will be looking forward to more from you....You keep saying you want to, or rather your working on a new flash series. Any insight on that??
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Th is video got a 5/5 and 10/10 from me

OrangePylon responds:

I'm not doing anything this uncreative and sloppy again. I'm moving into fully-animated original comedy, which will be a thousand times better than this old turd.


why did he want luigi?

OrangePylon responds:

What, when he hit him with his car? He wasn't in control of it; he didn't WANT to hit Luigi.

0_0 Wut?

Happy ending! ^_^

OrangePylon responds:

Knife to the chest. Truly something Disney themselves would end on.

Oh wait, Tangled...