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Reviews for "You Don't Love ME Anymore"

Good job

It seems you can do very good movies,
nice song, the only thing is that the animation runs a little slow in terms that
when it beggins there's no much movement just recomend you to make it
a little more fluid.
but very good work
keep it up XD

OrangePylon responds:

Yeah, I'll give you that on the begining, but I try to keep my submissions T-rated at most, so I couldn't exactly show Birdo "making it with the whole hockey team". ;) I mean my grandma's gonna see this. :P

But thanks alot for the great review.

Great job!

This movie could be either funny or sad depending on your point of view. Funny if you only pay attention to the animation, and sad(with alittle bit of funny) if you pay attention to the lyrics.Either way, this is a great flash! You deserved to be noticed.
Keep it up!

OrangePylon responds:

Wow! :O

Thanks alot! Means a bunch since this just dropped down like a whole 0.1... damn voters. >:P

Funny as hell

That was great, I loved the piranha plant part.
P.S. Birdo is a guy who cross dresses like a girl.

OrangePylon responds:

Funny you mention that, when I said "infact some scenes were so n00bish I had to completely redo them" in the description, I was talking about the bathroom scene, so I'm glad that I did redo it. :D Thanks for the review. :)

Oh, and I know about Birdo, but apparently, like Yoshi, Birdos are semi-generic. There's more than one... and even then, I think Nintendo changed it to just being a girl recently... or something... Well they must have, for God's sake it's an E-rated game! o_O

The time is well worth it

I love the crossover its brillaint. First off the song you used i am really am a fan of Werid Al stuff, so using his song with sprites is a great combnation. The lyrics with each scene ,was great as you did each scene with the song lyrics. For example the poisned coffee cup. This was so well done the animation and style, are wicked. The way you made the mouth move ,was really clever like Yoshi was actually singing igood job

OrangePylon responds:

DAMN! Thanks for the great review! :D It's reading reviews like this that encourages me to make more flashes. :D Don't get me wrong, one-liners are fine, who doesn't want an extra 10, but they just don't give you the pride that you get from hearing something like this. :...)


Cool Song!

OrangePylon responds:

I know, someone should totally make a music video with it...