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Reviews for "You Don't Love ME Anymore"


she treid to kill yoshi.. but she killed herself!... she is a b1tch... BUT NOW SHHE IS DEAD XD

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks for putting the 1 in bitch, my fragile little mind would not have known what to do otherwise.

ur glad i voted a 10

i just posted this so the author can comment on this like all the other reviews

OrangePylon responds:

I'm not glad, actually. I'd rather you not review a 10 unless you meant it, and I'd rather hear your feedback on the flash than a one-line comment. I'd love to call everything I respond to a review, but sadly, there are several people like yourself who stop that from happening and end up wasting my time.


i feel bad for yoshi XD

OrangePylon responds:

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen this review before!

Poor yoshi =(

Great movie but i feel bahd for yoshi =-(

OrangePylon responds:

Don't; Yoshi di'int treat her right anyway, yo. :(


You see? Now THAT is awsome!

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks, I worked really hard taking some pre-drawn artwork and moving it around to a song I didn't make and barely suits the theme. Much harder than the 6-month project that I wrote a 10-minute script for.