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Reviews for "You Don't Love ME Anymore"

Too bad birdo is a boy

Wich tottally brings up a weird silence o_e

OrangePylon responds:

I swear at least a third of these reviews point that out to me.

thats a nice song

who is it by? love the animated parts, some just make me laugh (like the notice that yoshi couldn't afford the scene)

OrangePylon responds:

None other than Weird Al, of course!

This is so sad poor yoshi

is this a wierd al song?

OrangePylon responds:

Okay and yes.

know whats creapy?

ok yoshis my fav thing ever.

right befor i saw this i dicoverd birdo was a guy maby thats why

OrangePylon responds:

I've always been totally aware of this, I just didn't have anyone else to fill the role.

Very Nice!

what a sad life for Yoshi, but its over now.

OrangePylon responds:

Yoshi's life isn't over. :(