Reviews for "Cursor Quest"


Nice! You JUST submitted it and it's already on the front page! Good job!

blue-mess responds:

Haha, thanks :D
Yeah I was pretty amazed too. I never even DREAMED it would make it to the front page ;)
Glad to hear you like it


great game really fun

blue-mess responds:

Thanks a lot - glad to hear you like it :)

Good Game

The game is really good.It's a little hard if you're not used to using the mouse by itself in games.

blue-mess responds:

Thanks, maybe if I make a sequel there could be keyboard controls too.


I love the use of Angel Island Zone (Funk Ver.) for the traing level

fun and hard

really fun but i keep dieing also the song that plays after u die is actualy sadness and sorrow (piano versoin) played by a bad piano player