Reviews for "Cursor Quest"


Kinda reminded me of the newer Mario games, collecting the stars. but altogether a good game!

easier way to get lives

sorry but didnt really peak my intrests. I played to the end of the game but there needs to be an easier way to get lives. I mean after you find all the secret areas you run out of lives

there have been cursor games like this done before not really original.

i did like the diffrent canvases of the levels though.

overall i really need easier way to get lives i was spendng about an hour to get to the end and survive the battles but for some reason in the second stage i was doing the level and i foundthe hole and i was about to enter i get yanked out into a boss battle and cant go back with only about 2 lives left. so i had to start over.

if you could can you please tell me why we get yanked out mid section through the level into a fight?


This game reminds me of Super Mario 64, you know, collecting all those pretty stars after you defeat bosses? Pretty kewl game none-the-less...

Great concept

But starting from the mutation mountain level i'd get damaged by nothing. I'd be near a cloud or a puffer fish, being careful not to touch it 'n all, staying a small distance away, and i'd get damaged without a reason. I dont know much about flash, but maybe you could trim down the area around your obstacles that cause damage?

That's pretty much the only reason its not 10/10, it's a great game.


It's actually pretty fun, despite my constant death on the second boss =).