Reviews for "Madness Wootification"

lol, what the hell?!

That was pretty awesome and funny, but...wow...totally random shit, lol.

Lookin forward to #2!

wow....simply wow

i loved a couple of parts
happy santa
on fire old guy
welding on fire guy
ass face guy
kill me know guy

so to sum it all up, more people need to be set on fire! hahahahahaha!
but yeah, really, the animation was flawless, the enemies seemed to actually have a fear of death and combat equals that of krinkels, if you think this flash sucks, you have quality issues.
so yeah high five!


Dang dude, that was funny. I've loved all the madness combat videos, mainly cause they are just so dang insane. Good job dude, that got a laugh out of me. Especaily the Ass face guy, THAT was F-U-N-N-Y!


LOL @ people geting set on fire :D, santa rules and so do you ! xD

Mr butt face twerk winz