Reviews for "Madness Wootification"


It did not make 1 bit of sense

A slow start and confusing chaos at the end.

Jerky animation and a poor attempt at humor bought this film an early grave. The 'slap stick' humor and cameo's where both to fast and to short, leaving the audience confused amidst the chaos. No real plot to think of. And the ending felt more like an Author's attempt at suicide. All in all, I give it a 4 out of 10.

ErgoEngan responds:

Plz watch my other madness movies and you'll get it -_-'


Animation kinda sucked, but the santa part was funny.

seen it

the music is repetitive and its not original at all. same old madness as the rest. try giving it a different edge that isnt people with asses for heads


i really didn't like it... wtf was with the ass face and santa and the explodin top hat man? .... stupid none the less.