Reviews for "Madness Wootification"


very random but so awsome!!! YOU KICK @$$ keep it up and rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who was those people helping him all the time? i would of gave u a 10 if it made sence!


Genually awesome madness right there, i liked how random people helped the dude time to time.

Oh, and Mr assface was down right awesome.

A great work

I hate madness series without sequal, but you did it, a madness animation who got the front page , second place of the day and madness collection.
and you use all the characters of your serises without sequal, go now and make the madness overkill 2, I will hope you good luck with your fucture projects


It Was Awesome.The Ending Tho Was Hilarious. The Assface Wins.Keep Up The Good Work, I'll be Watching These More Often...