Reviews for "Madness Wootification"

Great madness

Very smooth and great music to go with it as well as some quality kills.

O_O rofl

omg that was odd but funny very funny


Wow this was truely amazing, mad props keep up the good work. Id agree with the comments about it being original, unlike other madness tributes. Alot of depth, and randomness



Did I miss a prequel, or was that just like...the most random madness tribute ever...

Nice change up

Finally a Madness tribute that wasn't the same old boring shit. You included your own basically unique sequence of events that actually included somewhat of a storyline at the same time. I liked this because it wasn't the typical "shoot a couple of madness characters...the end" tributes.

I would first like to say that your animating skills are excellent. The animating throughout this whole movie was great. You really had a lot of detail mixed in with an awesome amount of character and background details. At one point a gun fell on the ground like a piece of paper, but I'm not going to dock you points for it. The scene where the elevator was going up was simple, but at the same time very well done. Great work with the graphics and animation, they ran smoothly the whole way through.

Everything was great with audio as well, sounds were dead on. The bullet shots and killing sound effects were awesome. Everything was clear and that's really all that matters.

As I said, I normally don't like Madness Tributes because they're all the same and they're a dime a dozen, but this one had something that almost all of the rest don't: Substance. The amount of effort you put into this is what separates you from everyone else. Great work with this flash, and I'm looking forward to the second installment.