Reviews for "Madness Wootification"

Very well animated

But it's also horribly confusing and hard to tell what's going on because of all the random happenings and likenesses of each character.

I never really like "madness" flashes that much but still, this was very good. Well done, sir!


... job at portraying madness.
one for action.
one for storyline
one for random characters
one for extreme effort
one for large ammount of tweening
one for comedy (e.g. santa, assface, etc)
one cause i liked it
adds up to = 7+2=9


Runs great. Very funny.

Holy shit!

This was really awsome. The randomness was also funny. You good seriously have a great series with this. The charecters desighs were cool and the Assy Mcgee refrence was funny to when he bled out shit, Please please make moar awsomness.