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Reviews for "Sinta"

It's pure awesome

I don't know what Lingus was talking about, I had no issues with controls.

The animation is smooth, and it kept me interested mostly because of collecting 300 stars.

It kinda reminds me of Kid Icarus.

Good Game

It kept me interested, especially when your trying to find all 300 stars. Also the mobility of Sinta was very smooth.

Not bad.

A quick sidenote to OnslaughtRM, the gargoyles are killable, but you have to be quick and smart. When you hear the roar, don't pull any switches or make any jumps, just get as far left as possible. Then when it appears, fire two arrows into its chest. Altogether, the beast is annoying, especially during the boss battle. Nothing like needing to repeat the entire battle as well as part of the intro to discourage players.

Altogether, the game is pretty fun. The hidden door got me wondering, but I wasn't going back through the other areas to try finding others. The game needed a quality button badly, as most rooms lagged, screwing up the jumps and often killing the character. Another problem I found was that a monster could easily kill the player if it pinned him against the wall or (on one level that I know of) a spider drops onto the player while he rises on a platform, forcing him through the platform with the spider, possibly sending him to a death below. Still, the game brought me back to playing the old nintendo games. Nostalgia and only problems that are common among flash games get you 9/10 stars, 1 held back because there's nothing more annoying than dodging a blast from the boss and getting punched back out of the battle by a creature.

Not amazing but....

... it's fun and challenging but not impossible.

It's definetely better than Kid Icarus.

Cute And Fun

The graphics and sound were great.
And I just can't resist that cute little cat. LOL
Very good job!