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Reviews for "Sinta"

only thing...

was that i slid around alot, and i couldnt shoot my bow on the run. otherwise, lots of fun. add puzzles?


Over-rated. You know those games you play not because you enjoy them, but just for the sole purpose of beating them? Yeah, well, congratulations, you just made one of those games

maybe idk?

I tried to play this game 3 times and each time it wouldnt let me out of the first room. I followed the directions and pressed the UParrow or W to open the door but then how the hell are you supposed to go in all UParrow or W does again is close the damn door. Then I tried every key on the keypad and nothing would let me into the damn room. All 3 times! Maybe FIX the controlls and I will try again at a later date.

good but some glitches

wen u get attacked by somethign u should have a 1 second period of invisibility like all the other games due to the pinning issue and also there was a stump that was unkillable i shot several arrows into it and never died it killed me 3 times

Youber Kids?

Informative, though pronunciations of Nene and Uberkids annoyed me greatly. Isn't Nene pronounced "Neh Neh"? And Uber Kids is NOT pronounced "Youber Kids". Learn from the Germans