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Reviews for "Sinta"


A decent platformer, but the room layouts, the injury resolving, and not being able to shoot on the run gets annoying. The LAG in some of the later levels begins to get unbearable ><!

Bit boring

I thought it was rather boring, try putting more action into it like making it a first person shooter

Warnockworld responds:


Kinda good...

Not a very good story line. Wasnt very good attack. pretty good though.

Nice platformer, but has its issues

I have to say, It is fun for the first few minutes. However, during the later stages, I got really frustrated when I missed a platform and had to do the WHOLE PUZZLE all over again. especially in the room where the Amulet is. Its tough to judge when that moving platform is gonna stop and when to jump. You basicly have to do trail and error most of the time.

Otherwise, try to add some more detailed physics to the game, cause shooting the enemies through the walls just kinda took out some of the challange.

Generally Good

Good news:---------First off, good work on creating a cute epic game. That alone takes a lot of effort, not to mention secrets and a star count. (I liked how you could shoot down the chandeliers.)

The enemies were fairly original: the venomous spider, for example. (Though it looks like a ladybug with a string coming out its hole.) Sinta was well animated, too.

Thank you for animating multiple deaths for Sinta, instead of Sinta having only one death animation, as most games do.

Lastly, THANK YOU for autosave.

Bad news:-------However, the game was sort of boring. There's not much in this game that entices the gamer. Many of the elements in the game have been done to death by other games.

No puzzle elements, no real story, and no game physics. The arrows don't even fall down due to gravity.

Furthermore, introducing the enemies beforehand leaves out all the suspense in playing the game.

Many of the features also LOOK like glitches. When I first came to the first secret room, I thought it was a glitch. You should have something that tells the gamer it's a secret room.

Basically, good game character design, but work on gameplay. Make it more exciting. 9/10