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Reviews for "Sinta"

supa awesome!

This game is the best game i have evr played on newgrounds :D i love it so much! ^.^ And i love the cat archer too :3 *faves* I didnt finish the game because the boss was too hard, i would be able to do it if those flying troll things didnt keep coming :3 still brillient thoguh! :D oustanding game, BYE


I didnt get to finish the game... But if i have to say something (which I don't), this is it...

I liked the graphics... cute but not kiddish... It was lots of fun playing with the bow and arrows (maybe you could change the code a bit so that the arrow drops down with distance, you know, to make it lil more realistic)... I didn't understand why you could open the door to go back to a previous location... That kept respawning arrows so I could use as many as i needed... no problem... maybe you could change this so that once your through the door, your through the door and there's no turning back... would give the game an extra edge if you could run out of ammo...

Keep it up! Good work! Looks like you had fun making this game!

P.S.: To all you people out there, if the game is lagging, stop whining and get yourself a better computer. Just cuz your still in the prehistoric age doesn't mean the rest of us have to wait for you...

Good Game

Sadly, I didn't get to beat it. After get pass half way through the game, I got stuck. I couldn't do anything but hop around hopelessly trying to escape. I suggest putting in a suicide option, or something to restart, rather then the only option is to play where you're at (stuck or not) or quit the entire game and start from the beginning. The controls could be improved a bit, but it's also fine as it is. I got the crystal thingy... no idea what it does... my fault. Shoulda paid attention to that. Also, sometimes I'll run into a snake... and I won't be able to move out of his way. Well, I mean, not until he kills me and a restart from the door I entered from. I had no problem with arrows 'going through' the enemy and not doing anything at all. The tiles that players fell through, if you're not ignorant even to yourself, you'd notice that they'd coloured differently. Common sense says that that was meant to happen.
As for all the players that lag during their experiance playing the game... don't blame the game. Blame your computer for not being able to handle the sophisticated detail of this 'RAM-consuming' flash. (In case you didn't notice, that was sarcasm). And for those that are arrogant to the point, if it isn't your computer, then what is it? Mine ran it just fine. Try updating something, close running applications, or better yet, quit download GBs of porn. There's enough free porn that you don't have to steal it.

Very Creative

Kept me entertained for as long as it needed to be, but the jumping was sloppy also i did quite enjoy the bow it was good fun with the respawns

Decent but needs tweaking.

There are some spots in the Shield tower that has you falling through a few floors.

The amount of slide when jumping is a tad excessive (he's a cat! he should be good at this!)

But despite that the game was pretty good.