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Reviews for "Sinta"

Ok, I guess.

It has good potential. But there are some serious glitches in the game. Sometimes the little guy keeps moving to the left or right and i have to press down, up, up or something like that to get him to stop. This is really problematic on the levels with spikes everywhere as he ends up running into them. And before you say there is something wrong with my keyboard, I have played several other games on this site and others right after I played this one and I had no problem what so ever. This also happened sometimes with the down and up keys and one level I was stuck in the down position and couldn't stand up to shoot. Another I got stuck at the doorway and kept teleporting through the door because I couldn't stop the up button from registering on the game. Other than that there is good potential and the little guy is cute.


DARK CASTLE! Oh my god, it's a remake of Dark Castle (from the 1980s, so it's too old to be considered copyright or anything)! Wow, I used to play that game all the time! Maybe you didn't do it intentionally, but it's still spookilly accurate!
Awesome job, guys! the game ran flawlessly, it was interesting and fun. Keep it up!

Good Way To Kill Some Time

It was a fun little game, I did not go all the way through it, and may or may not attempt it again, but it was good. Original idea, and cute! The controls worked well, but jumping from small platforms to the next could be very aggravating, and frequent falling turned me off from the game. The arrows also worked out well, and there were no problems with the graphics, though they weren't particuliarly outstanding. Unfortunately, I have yet to find these "secret rooms", but I enjoyed it. My complaints are that it was simply bland; repetitive rooms and enemies made it rather tiresome to keep going on. If you could change anything in a sequel, I would say: enhance the graphics a bit, and make more settings throughout the game to keep attention, and lastly I would touch up on the jumping controls... or just have it less platform-based, but I guess that would kill the fact that it IS a platformer after all. I was pleased that it wasn't too difficult, and overall, decent work. A sequel could make this a great series.

Worth trying, even if you hate platformers!

I friggin hate platformers on newgrounds. This surprised me. This game is very good, and most well made platformer I can remember ever playing on newgrounds, and I love the way it looks, great artwork. Sound is nice, game has a kind of "lite" feel to it. Not too intense, and not overly frustrating like most platformers, although the doors you think are going to take you further taking you back made me wanna slap the author. I did find a secret door, just by pushing "up" in a random location, but I didn't bother looking for more. Switch placement made jumping a beast sometimes, but not impossible. Great game!


I didn't enjoy it very much. Its not such much a bad game as a frustrating one. The thing that made me quit playing was occasionally I would drop down between to enemies who proceeding to continually hit me so I perpetually flinched until death. Having that be possible is just not a good thing. It doesn't make the game more fun nor does it add depth to the challenge. Most games of this kind make you invulnerable for a period of time after being damaged. This would solve the problem very nicely. Also, it would be better to have an alternate key to activate things, there were times that I tried to jump where a switch was and I pulled the switch instead of jumping. Once again, frustrating. Lastly, you should make the area for the doors larger, there were times I ran up to a door then had to run circles around it before being able to open it because I wasn't perfectly placed. If these problems hadn't been present you would have gotten a 7/10 3/5 However I subtracted two for the first problem and then .5 for the other two. This game has promise, but it is far from one of the best I've played on newgrounds.