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Reviews for "Sinta"


i don't think it's so cool put norm.

in my book this is a

FAIL there is hardly a plot if he could jump higher it would be better and finnaly when you are trying to jump you open a door when you dont want to. witch when comeing back the world is back in place. so sorry but i dont like it. its a 2/5.

Dude... wtf...

....i cant get thru the door.. all he does is close it again. >:(

A very good platform game

It was very fun and addicting. I was able to get the fire arrows and the medallion and I wanted to get all the stars but once I got to the room with the medallion I started lagging really bad and my arrows were going through the enemies sometimes. Its a very good game though and if my crappy computer could handle the full thing I would give it a 10. 5/5

a good game. yea

its a good game! i liked the way the character moves, jumps, and does each action. pretty fun! i also liked the variety of enemies and lvl taht it had. yet, i think it should an intro, or at least a back story! or also a thing that would remember taht you killed the enemies in each stage. also a load/ written games screen would be k.i would like thsoe edits. yet, its an amazin game