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Reviews for "Sinta"

Very nice indeed


0. Hello Warnockworld.

1. Good Points:
* Gameplay, pretty impressive. I'm a big fan of platform games, and this surely does not disappoint.
* GFX, very cute. The edges are smooth and the color blend was very pleasing to the eyes. I must say, the graphics sold the game for me, very fitting for the game!
* SFX and Music, very fitting. The timing is just about right and the allocation of the FX are spot on. Good on you!
* Replayablity, the normal difficulty was easy and I didn't find any part of the game boring at all.
* Overall, the game was very well made.

2. (Not so) Good Points
* Length, I don't know if this is a common reaction but the game was a bit too short for me. This is not really a bad point for the game, it may even have rid the entire project from the "boring" factor. It's just too short for my taste and that's about it.

3. Did you know that Sinta has a Tagalog (Filipino) meaning to it? It's a term used for "lover" or "someone loved".

4. Good day and good job.


Great Game

Just so you know.. I got this error ..
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