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Reviews for "Sinta"


I found a very good game =)


nice game
the cat is tender
is good and sensilla
nothing more to say

Nice game, but...

I found a little bug. When i got out of the basement, and went into the herb garden, i got bitten by the plant on the right side of the level. I walked to the right, and the backfire of the plant knocked me back. When i pressed 'A', the game froze. So while going a way and pressing the same button, the game freezes. But still 9/10

Not bad.

But not great, either. Could use some more features earlier on, but it has all the makes of a well-designed and thought out game. I also like how you put the instructions into the starting levels. I've seen that done on rare occasions in the past in games like this and I think you made a wise move to do so in your game here.
I found a bug about 5 minutes into the game, however. I don't know if the circumstances were special or not, but when the stationary plant (the one that pops its head out when u near it) bites you (when running at it) and you heal automatically when hit (because food is next to the plant), your character will freeze completely, while everything else in the game proceeds as it normally would. Just thought I'd let you know about that.

Very Enjoyably

reminds me of maple story, but a better character design. ZING! anyways it was really fun, a good level of difficulty. I'll be sure to pass this on to my niece and nephew. 5 / 5