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Reviews for "Sinta"

I got stuck!

Well it was a really enjoyable game until I got trapped in a between some platforms in one of the south rooms, which was annoying as there is no restart room button, only a quit button


i'm pretty sure the fish is health right? why can't i eat it? it just sits there. other than that this game is fun =)


really cute game =)

Really well made

I can't believe this has a score of only 3.6.

It's a really well made game, with brilliant visuals and nice animation and as well smooth and glitchless gameplay. I enjoyed playing it- Good job.

Pretty good, but

It makes it a little easy, considering there are so many arrows about, you shoot in straight lines, you can shoot through walls and there is health everywhere. But still, thats all little nibbles...i still enjoyed it.