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Reviews for "Sinta"


Thats was fun but I dont like the jumping system. Except that, the game is pretty nice.

Good job!


i definitely would have given it a higher score, except that when going for the magic amulet, i kept jumping and getting trapped in the one corner. so that i had to let a spider, a spider! kill me so i could get out.

whats going on?

ok so lvl 1 i click round, wiht bow think hey ths looks good, go get some stars, then up a ladder get some arrows, going well. then i srtoke a door open with the up arow and stand there opening and closing the door with up arrow. how do you go through door? did i not collect all the stars or something, cause i really wanna play this, plz help author type man.


Decent-looking and well-intentioned, but overall the least amount of fun I've ever had with some puss.

Not Bad... o.o

But what I hate is that stupid-ass Sinta takes, like, an HOUR to open up the damn doors... -_-;;

Everything else is cool. Kinda.