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Reviews for "Sinta"

Childhood game.

Same button for jumps/switches/doors. Bad idea.

not bad

it as potential, but you need to develop this idea better, overall gameplay needs polishing.

Nifty little thing

A pretty neat game. Perfect length time-wise since it can get pretty tiresome especially with no storyline whatsoever to accompany your adventure with Sinta.
As far as platforming animals go Sinta's design is about as cute as can be :3
Been stated several times already but a seperate button for opening/activating and jumping would be wondrous. Ran into one area where it was possible to get stuck permanently (South tower 1, I believe) so having to quit and reattempt the tower was a bit tedious. Would be nice if there was another artifact that could help you with finding the secret doors, maybe gotten of beating the game, could maybe play a chime or something if you enter a room that has one.
All in all it's a pretty solid game with few imperfections but the ones that are there are pretty apparent. Also slap an intro onto this bad boy and give it some story, there isn't even a game over screen.

Pretty good

I liked the game for the most part but some things just stopped it from getting a better score..the one thing that bugged the hell out of me is that the jump button and the button to open the door is the same so half the time i wanted to jump but instead i kept opening the door like a retard on speed. Now i liked that i could snipe a monster from across the screen but them respawning every few seconds made it feel redoneit..now if they fix some of theses problems in the next one im sure it would get a way better score.