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Reviews for "Bowja The Ninja"

The Stupid Gamer liked this game a lot. He had a hard time getting past the beginning of the game. He nearly gave up but he could not let Bowja do this on his own. The Stupid Gamer is an honorable man. So he kept on thinking how to get past the problem and he started studying an old arrow he keeps in his room, which Rambo used in one of the wars he fought. Suddenly the arrow pointed to his knee and The Stupid Gamer knew what to do. The rest of the game was fairly easy but very enjoyable.

Nostalgia, my childhood game.


The style is cute, the puzzles were pretty solid (i cannot get past the Helicopter though), overall its awesome!

I played this game with my 6 year old daughter and to quote her, "I like it really, really much. I liked it when we killed the robot." So the game was interesting enough to keep my attention but simple enough that she could still play it with out getting too frustrated.

I played this when i was 7 years and i found it again!!