Reviews for "Picos Covert Elusion"


Right near the end of the first level there was a point where Pico became undetectable utterly and stayed walking on the same level until I was strolling way past the end level boundry.

Great game however..

It'd be nice if there were some ingame instructions that made more sense...
Just saying Directional Keys + Space Bar (Hold It) seems to sound like all we do is hold one of the arrows and hold the space bar..and that's it.

Also why do we have to being way back the the start screen? What ever happened to just starting back at the beginning?


I liked the programming alot! but the animation could've been smoother but verall good! 4/5

One Day Late, Oh Well

There are still a few flaws, but I am happy that you waited the extra day to get out the major kinks as you said. Overall good job!


for some reason he disappears after the 2 copters look at the same time