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Reviews for "Space Laser 2375"


The lag got rid of any fun a person might have while playing this game, did u put the lag in for effect or something every time u shot the ball things? if u did, bad work, it was just annoying.
Otherwise, it was ok, ide increase the rate that u can fire the laser, and increase the amount of enemies coming down.

WTF up with the lag!!!!

The lag kills any type of fun game play.


it's really slow start and it is very lagging. I do like the color of the crystal things though, maybe incorporate them into something else. Retro games are good, but you really didn't change it up much. Just keep trying.


it was ok but got boring very quickly a little to repetative


There is no reason that game should bog down any computer, it isn't intensive in any way. The graphics are simple, the music is simple and annoying, and it isn't using (to the best of visual estimates) any sort of physics engine. That should give smooth graphics on high quality on all but the worst of computers. I would assume you have some kind of compression issue, either that or you have the game(though functional) running in a very inefficent way. Change it and resubmit. It's missile command, not exactly rocket science, pardon the pun.

As far as other things go, as I said the music was kind of anoying from the start, a mute button would be nice. Your city looks like a bunch of crystals. and everything is just a black background. it is not very visually interesting. The gameplay is simple (aka missile command). I think fixing the lag and adding more interesting visual elements would help set it appart, as it stands it is no different than any other missile command game except that it has lag.