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Reviews for "Space Laser 2375"


Very nice remake, but that is it. You didnt add to a remake and make it better. For the graphics, you should have added a better looking gun. [not a rock lol]. Other than that its decent. Moves very slow though.

Fun for a bit

It was fun for a bit, but it got boring when I got to level 10 without losing s ingle space-rock-thing. =\

Overall, I liked it.

Classic arcadeish game, but you should put options, like
if(_root.screen.gotoAndStop(Notmoving )){
shakescreen = false
shakescreen = true

It should work, I don't know, but if it doesn't let me know. It's just a script I created while typing this review..

Well, I kind of like it.

But the lag really hurts the game, I think.

Nice, fun game

Nice! I quite like this game. I remember Missile Command, and you've done a bit to spice it up.

And don't listen to the complainers. If they don't enjoy it, they should go play another game. At least you can easily hit multiple targets in this game. I remember the time when you could only hit something in the explosion range. It adds a nice bit of strategy to it (not to mention it saved my ass a couple of times).

All in all, good fun. If you plan on doing another, might I suggest adding stopping points and different weapons (say, every 5 levels or so, you could spend points to upgrade your weapon)

Oh, and by the way. TOP SCORE! Yay me! :D