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Reviews for "Perfect Pico SWF [NOT!]"

Good Job

Alright, but you need to spice it up more! Throw in some violence!

A decent Pico day E-Card

That's all i see that is,nice music gotta love Funky Town. ;P

trunksssj7 responds:

Yup, FTW

I think you mean

SFW, not SWF. SFW is Safe for Work. SWF is something like, So What Fuck?

trunksssj7 responds:

.swf is the 'title' of flash format...

Good Drawing

Haha.... Well... i like the skulls flying from behind... cool song... and the dancin' head invites you to dance too... Lol... very good

trunksssj7 responds:

Ofc it's very good XD