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Reviews for "Pico smokes some weed"


This is a Joke or what, a Episode of fairly oddparents? i'm going to convulsionate D:

Timmy Turner?

It still had some interesting things until I saw Timmy Turner. Then I realized you can't be serious, this Flash can be serious so why bother watching? I closed it, it is really bad.


Laughed but also kinda peeved........ It was turning out so well... then u added the other crap. if u made that, y ruin ur own work like that?

very bad!!

I do not taste anything this game, because neither game is, is a flash of the most foolish.

Double-yew Tee Bloody Eff!!!

All I saw was an alley, that told me to move right and I was assaulted by the opening sequence of Fairly Odd Parents (and a piss-poor one at that).

This better be a joke. Even if it was, it wasn't a very good one at that.