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Reviews for "Pico smokes some weed"


i want to hit


Wow. I can hardly explain how awesome this was.


Yea yea, i get these kind of jokes, This flash is just above crap, buuuut, i need to be fair, I lack the skills to make this :/, And i bet all these n00bs too, Like picoman97 , Do you think you are smart to repeat something that the other 12 reviewers also said? NOT!,Southparkman4523 , Also a repeater, Lack the intelligence to make you're own comment?,Then bonelord1 , I dont know what to say, since i didnt read you're piece of shit comment, Its worser then reading the whole bible over and over again, Get a life bro,Yoshio , Nothing bad to say,Altho a 10 for this is a bit too high rated :/ , Archris , Being rick-rolled is getting old, this is original, I want you to try to make something like this? ;] , Stopping to review now, Also people , if you make a comment about a flash, if you think its bad, dont go type like this : Just %$8@ing no, alright? Don't pull $#*^ like ,Senseless piece of crap were you dont get smarter about,
Like i say, This is some sort of dumb humour that tries to copy the old Rick-Roll , But its Original , and i bet that most Spam-To-Get-Attention guys here, even dont got the skill to make something like this, so think twice before you comment with crap. Thank you for reading my piece of crap also :o

U F@#$%R

this is just stupid fairly oddparents theme song loop!

no just no

i dont like this. its worse than getting rick rolled