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Reviews for "Pico: Goblin Attack"

needs help

I like the look, but the gameplay gets boring after about 30 seconds. I was unable to die. The bullets had no effect unless the goblin was right next to you. There was no incentive to keep killing the beasts. I killed a couple hudred of them and quit since I wasn't going anywhere. Keep working at it and you could have a good game. I couldn't understand what pico was saying in response to the text message. " I won't let them do it to before me!!" What?

geohoundz55 responds:

Have you read the authors comment yet?? Read it before You Say something.


I see some potential in this, you just need finish it. I'll give you a 5 for now.

wat the im invincable???

im automaticly invincable in the game!!!

Kinda bad

I can shoot the goblins i just touch them and they die xDDDDD 3/10 for animation

ok but

thers no point in the game u just walk into them the gun doesent work no levels or anything i would stick on making videos cause this dident work