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Reviews for "Pico: Goblin Attack"

Not bad...

But this needs more beef. Get some more stuff going on, extend it, and fix the bugs (like bullets flying through enemies).
The graphics are really great, though.
Sounds like Blast Zorak, lol.

It's okay

Maybe add some other options other than just walk on one screen and shooting goblins when they are right next to you. It might help if there are levels and objective type goals per level to save Nene, because, as of right now, it isn't all that great and needs a lot more work done on it.


It's a very good idea, but it has lot of bugs, please, fix it, it's very cool

I liked that sketch of PICO, that hair is so great :D

you would think it would be better

i loved the graphics and design but the actul game play sucks ass

Very mediocre...

Distinctly average in every way imaginable. From the detail that went into the title screen, I assumed this would be a very cool game, but the guns were unsatisfying to use, the graphics were basic and there was no music to speak of. Try harder next time, you've got the potential to be a lot better than this.