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Reviews for "Pico: Goblin Attack"

Haha... funny...

they die when i touch them xDDDD!!!! very cool hahaha

this should be cool

where are the bosses man? if you would make it harder and with some cool monsters it would be great :D

Neat game

I really loved the animation and the intro,as for the gameplay it was kind of slow and boring but for the most part it was a pretty enjoyable game,by your art you would really be great at making flash movies then games.


If you finished it that would be awesome. I don't care about the graphics because your not like Mindchamber and they are professional artist. SwiftStylerX is wrong because it wouldn't be buggy if it was finished. All I care about is story,graphics that don't look like crap and originality and gameplay and stuff.

you would think it would be better

i loved the graphics and design but the actul game play sucks ass