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Reviews for "Pico: Goblin Attack"

Neat game

I really loved the animation and the intro,as for the gameplay it was kind of slow and boring but for the most part it was a pretty enjoyable game,by your art you would really be great at making flash movies then games.

this should be cool

where are the bosses man? if you would make it harder and with some cool monsters it would be great :D


i could not agree more with you.

Amazingly Horrible

I'll give you a 1 for effort, but come on. You argue that my flash sucks, and yet it was supposed to suck. This flash is clearly SUPPOSED to be good, but you failed miserably. It's buggy, the graphics are horrible, and the overall appeal of it is laughable.

Go back, and try again.

Very mediocre...

Distinctly average in every way imaginable. From the detail that went into the title screen, I assumed this would be a very cool game, but the guns were unsatisfying to use, the graphics were basic and there was no music to speak of. Try harder next time, you've got the potential to be a lot better than this.