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Reviews for "RWD: 012 Pico Day 08"


This was cool^^.
I really really liked the song only tobad that there was no real story (xD) but i am listing it right now on another page cuz it just keep hanging!


lol, i like it. didnt know it was looped but i like the song and animation! woot for pico!
keep it up! try and egt that reeresed one finished^_^


Yeah, i like it!


Not really a fan of lemon demon, but, whatever, still a pretty fun submission. Major suggestion though, if you were doing the reversing manually, which I assume you were? Find an actionscript friend, or an actionscript acquaintance, because it could easily be done by just running through the frames backwards, or using a movieclip I guess for everything so the sound would work right and running through that backwards.

DarkShadow8181 responds:

i knew you could reverse it with actionscript, but its more fun to do it manually :B thanks for the advice though.

ahhh yes

Most excellent, indeed, it is very well done

DarkShadow8181 responds:

huzzah. thanks.