Reviews for "NewGrounds Resque'"


the music and actions were completely in sync that must have taken for ever nice job!

Good job sam!

It is unfortunate that you missed the top 10, (check sams site for details) that is a shame. but its alright. I just need to say a few things. I know this was mabey a bit rushed to get to the deadline, but.... You need to get rid of that black backround, it is hard to make out some stuff, like the black guy.
The music fits good, so overal, good.
Though your still a bit green to the full body animating, if you know what i mean?

Good work for sammy, (I am Greenlamp from your forum by the way!) :p


too raw

:D loved it

finaly its here but what happens to pico? i want to know T_Tbut apart from that it was great :D add more and this will be on the front page keep up the good work keep it up and why dident he die and did pico die and doesent naneusely die

nice graphics

Should make it longer and include darnell