Reviews for "NewGrounds Resque'"

Cool movie.

But why were Pico and NeNe so little?

Very nice.

It had some great music to go with it and an awesome fight with Pico and the giants for he took some beatings and with great detail,as for the end it was pretty bland but still a great Pico Day flash.

way to go!

whew! nice one!

The day is resqued!

Nice work! Pico didn't really do much, and he would've died without Nene saving him, but this is good!

Just a couple of questions:

1. Why are those guys huge? It startled me at first.
2. How long did it take to make this production? Don't know? Take a guess.
3. Why didn't you put a real backround? It would look kinda better.

Well, I hope you answer these questions, besides that, this was good!


I thought it was going to be a little diffrent it was new but well...idk. There was a background (tho many peoplle already said that) but it was ok. Awesome.Peace!