Reviews for "House of 1000 Cats"


Woah... that was one badass unicorn, dude. Erm, excuse me, penicorn. ^^

Pretty good!

I liked this a lot! Some of the animation was kinda lame but some was really sweet! Whta's better, the fight scenes, plot, and Tom Fulp junk was great!


yes, p bot is dead. now i can finnaly send out chain mail w000p. aw wat do u meen it was just a cartoon. fuck u. lol nice movie

I can`t believe this !

So perfect movie i haven`t seen before.
Idea was so original, and performance was perfect.
How many months did you make this movie ?
So hard work is in this movie, i love this movie, this is the movie, special Ng movie.
Newgrounds gone be so happy with this movie.


Very good artwork and good action.
Pretty funny too.