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Reviews for ":--Pico Day 2008--:"

And this still kicks butt too.... Green!!!!


Games? Making Games? I will play games? I like the purple guy, will he be in the games? Game? You're starting to animate well, I saw this movie of yours when you submitted it earlier and these new additions are much better, don't give up on animation.

321 responds:

Thx for the review.


The monster was amusing and so was Pico dying. Animation was a little crap but like you say, you're not pro so for an amateur that was pretty good =)

not as bad as most say.

the game was cool xD

you are getting this 5 mainly because of the song choice, but also becasue you said in your comment you are not a pro animator, and it is nice to be able to read those things before you watch the movie....

much better than that stupid "PICODAY" animation -.-

good luck in the comp, hope you do well, but doubt you will win D:

321 responds:

Yeah they are being faggots because Green and I are members of the KK. I know there is no way in hell I would win... ;) I made this for Tom, cuz it's his birthday!!
Thx for the review..


Didn't make much sense but it was entertaining to see Pico suffer an intolerable death from some weird purple creature (creative monster btw).