Reviews for "Pico Blast"

An great game, although short. It forces the player to adapt some sort of strategy into beating Hansel. I wished the bosses' health were increased (mainly because I want to grind my special gear to get missiles), could use the challenge.

Oh, that's some hot wasabi.

To easy if you get the rocket launcher and speader

It's hard i can't even pass Gretel!

the flooooood

I am sick and tired of people making these games too damn hard and when someone says anything about the difficulty, the makers just say "learn the strategy" even though it's impossible to avoid some things even if you know the damn strategy! They just hide behind that damn word as if we should just go "oh, of course! why didn't I think of that?!" If the patterns are too damn quick or big to avoid, strategy doesn't do a damn bit of good!!!