Reviews for "Pico Blast"

Voted 5

Why would I vote lower? Great game, guys. The music worked well, too. :)

Pico is going Metal Slug

The gameplay felt like Metal Slug and the atomsphere felt a bit like Sunset Riders, but overall the art was excellent and the game was enjoyable!


First, the random black guy from those oldschool Pico games. Immediately bring a smile to my face.

But god damn, hard game. Great graphics, fun controls, shooting upwards is actually not a mess, which is rare for Flash games.

The only thing I think would have been a nice addition is some gun fire sound effects while shooting... not only while hitting targets. Other than that, great job! Good way to start Pico day 2008! Again, not an easy game, but definitely fun :D

10/10 ==> Great!

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