Reviews for "The Granny Beat"


I love it, this loop, erm, I mean, song, is great. The what seems to be 11 notes is gorgeous.

Short-Factor responds:

you are clearly tone deaf

Yes master

How do you want me to murder the children?

Short-Factor responds:


I can hear them

I can hear the voices. They want me to do things.


Kill John Lennon.

Short-Factor responds:

havent we dealt with this nonsense already and i wonder where john lennon is today

too lazy to title gtfo

Amazing. Each note is distinct in itrs own was, in a combination I would never have thought to use, and the song never gets repetitive. This is truly a magnificent work of art, and I feel deeply grateful to you to have even uploaded a small fraction of this wonderful masterpiece.

Short-Factor responds:

You are truly one of god's special chosen ones to be able to recognize the magnitude of talent poured into this song.


Short-Factor responds:

It has always been with you.