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Reviews for "Blamsformer Parody"


Nice, but do you have an obssesion with penis's or somthing?

Bantilan responds:

penis obssession???? LOLZ... hahhahaha.. I think so... hahahahaa

Phallic fixation?

How immature...

lol just > teasing <, you got a 3, and a 7 for the animation- and sound-solutions.
> Blow <-our-minds > job <! No, really, the > bare < animation is way above the average i.m.o..
Yep, if it made some sense, just a bit more cohesion, you'd have gotten a > hard < earned 5. Ya know, the joke that needs explaining... But graphics are > BIG <! Must've been a pleasure to work on them. H... hehe...
Lastly, a scene selection would not be whore-ribble.
Peace (4give word usage, no offense meant)

Bantilan responds:

hehehehe.. so sory if the story line looks crap and the sounds... My Computer got to the limit coz of many drawings.... But tnx dude....