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Reviews for "My Little Pony: Fim Derp Theme"


You just HAVE to convince the makers of an abridged series to use this version of the theme song in their intro^^

Solrac responds:

That's Brilliant!! I'll contact them ASAP!!!!


oh god... *pant*... hahhahha... oh god oh god *got a tear from laughing*.

This is almost a visionary combination of mixed feelings towards the show: torture vs extremist fanboyism.

I love how you managed to NOT over-saturate your screaming voice with the mic. It just gave these 35 seconds a perfect sense of "My Little Pony is MANLY!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!

hahhahhaha. Great parody dude ^_^.

P.S. fav'd and 5'd for the lols and almost certain that this will be seen in many Flashes to come.

Solrac responds:

Thanks for the Awesome Feedback! (I never expected this thing to receive so much love)


I think this song killed me and revived me about 70 times.
For friendship.

Solrac responds:



I loved this!

Solrac responds:

I love you....imean....Thank you!!


Great revamp!

Solrac responds:

Daniel Ingram sure dropped the ball on this one.