Reviews for "N.G. Showdown"


Here I was about to go to sleep, I go to the Portal and click something under judgement, and end up with this epic masterpiece! Happy Pico Day indeed! Great job, holy shit you must have been working on this since last PD :O

that was awsome

i love how you encorperated all the things that make newgrounds great such as dad and the madness guy

This was fun

Pico and his friends fight yet again. Yeah there were some little fun secrets writings or things in the video. With the little tank rolling away in the beginning on Mr. Fulp's desk, the soda can saying "Can you see this" on it, the poster next to the madness room saying "I only have 6 years to live", when Pico runs by the cafeteria and on the wall it says "WTF".

I wonder if they will keep fighting like that when they are 60 years old lol.

Great job.

Not only was there a lot of action, there was the great humor added in. This kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending was also very suprising, but made the movie itself kind of funny. : )


I really got a kick out of this! The ending was pretty awesome! The animation was top notch, musical score compelling and well placed sound effects! Great work! I look forward to your next project!