Reviews for "N.G. Showdown"

Graphics are amazing and very detailed. It flows well and seamlessly. You have created an excellent Pico Day work of art. Great work.

Very impressive! probably one of the best flashes i've seen in a while. Really enjoyed this!

I stuck around to the end and was thoroughly impressed.


Wow cant believe I have not seen this before this is "AMAZING" stuff just the way it "STARTS" out then jumps into some deep action you really pushed the limits on this one and the "VISUAL-EFFECTS" really show off well and just come "ALIVE" I was amazed of every secene and every movment here very welldone film.

Onlything I might suggest may be some added on films to have a series come from this.


I thought this was going to be a cartoon featuring the other Newgrounds characters. I mean, it is called NG Showdown after all. Well, the alien hominid did appear briefly. His scene was awesome. This really did seem like a collab. There were a lot of different styles I saw.

You're probably just that talented. Aww, back when Pico Day meant something. It's great to see your take on Pico. Everyone has interpreted him. Well, the basic characterizations are the same.