Reviews for "N.G. Showdown"


-The high quality hand drawn portion of the flash vid is probably the hardest part of the animation process. For that, it took its toll slightly with fast paced fight scene. Especially when it came to the pacing of it. Certain times in the clip, I felt as thought the action sorta 'hiccuped' or that the rythm was off a little. Other than that, the tense scenes building up to the action and climax was good.

-The tone, atmosphere, everything was well done. I wasn't expecting hand drawn art to convey just as much emotions as actual movie productions. Especially when it came to camera angles, body language, mannerism, and the short plot. Other than that, the fight scenes are the only things that needed work. But overall I can't complain much since it's a well put together concept and you did a good job with it.


Pico seemed to be so calm and gentle...Nah, better this way ! XD Exellent work, Jerry!


Really well done movie here. Good ol' fashion Pico and friends fucking a bunch of shit up. You did great with the art and animation in this one, pretty damn stylish and well done. It's an entertaining movie, and the various NG characters scattered throughout the school really add to the whole feeling I get when watching this. Great movie.


Yea mutha fucka...uh uh!!


Hey can we have a P-Bot vs Dad!